We offer support for bereaved Dads in the Thames Valley region.

Originating at Helen & Douglas House Children’s Hospice in Oxford, we are a long established group of Dads who are coping with the devastating loss of a child.

We meet to chat, share our experiences and support one another and whilst our sessions are based in the at various venues in the Thames Valley region, bereaved Dads from anywhere in the UK may take part.

Our pioneering and effective support group helps many Dads navigate their grief, whether they are recently or long-term bereaved and regardless of circumstances.

We all have compelling stories to tell and through sharing our thoughts and experiences, we offer friendship, support and sense of community to a widening number of bereaved Dads.

Our group sessions are open, friendly, caring and non-judgmental, helping a diverse group of grieving Dads cope with the challenges they face, at whatever stage of the journey they’re at.

We also endeavour to show that life can still be enjoyed whilst we cherish the memories of those we have lost.

What the Dads’ Say…

‘It’s a chance and a place to talk with others who totally understand and accept without judgement. Amongst it all there is humour and pleasure.’

 ‘I come to remember my child, to share memories, thoughts and feelings.’

 ‘Meeting other dads who have experienced the death of their child and knowing they understand and have had a similar experience.’

 ‘Most of the world doesn’t understand who you are now, but these guys do.’

 ‘Knowing that this massive part of my life has meaning and I can talk about it makes a huge difference, because I know that my child is not forgotten.’


Our Core Values

dads.care is focused purely on providing essential support to grieving fathers. The Group and all of our sessions are…

  • Inclusive and welcoming
  • Secular and non-political
  • Not-for-profit and free for all