At, we responded to the challenges of the pandemic by developing new ways to support our community of bereaved dads. Should we need to, we can flex between the different session formats to ensure our support for bereaved Dads endures.

Saturday Morning Zoom sessions

During stricter lockdowns our Saturday Morning Zoom sessions proved successful and were well attended. We were able to recreate the community spirit and emotional support provided in our face to face sessions. For several newer members this has been their introduction to the group and it’s a really positive sign they continue to attend.

Walk and Talk sessions

Socially distanced activities were also introduced. Our ‘Walk and Talk’ sessions enabled fellow dads to meet up to enjoy socially distanced walks along scenic routes in the Thames Valley.

‘Safe’ indoor sessions

When restrictions were lowered, socially distanced indoor sessions were enjoyed in various venues including church and village halls. Sitting in the round this provided us with the closest return to our successful Dads’ group session formula.

Remaining flexible and dynamic in our arrangements ensures bereaved dads continue to benefit from our collective efforts.

If you are a bereaved dad and interested in joining our community please contact us at or through our contact page HERE